Five Down

Today I am finally and officially DONE with Semester 5. Hell yeah time runs fast. I have been doing this for  two years now. That looks like a long time but that passed before my eyes quite fast. Well you know as much as I hoped for my last paper just now to end good, it didn’t go quite well for me I guess. That was the hardest I ever had since I started my diploma two years ago. haih.

Anyway, what’s done is done. I don’t wish to think about that bloody Public Relations 2 paper any longer. I am moving forward. Semester break has started and there are a lot more things to be done.

Semester break Main To-Do-List :

  • attend driving classes and complete the licence that has been put on hold for some time for some reasons.
  • start drafting and send my resume to the companies for internship next month

Basically I am going to need to focus on my Internship. I have not even done my resume or even find a place to do the internship. Ahh that’s a lot of things. For now I am just looking forward to go back home and dress to kill for Dad’s Charity Dinner this coming Saturday ! :)

By the way, Adam is on WordPress now. So much of a copycat ? HAHA :p Pay him a visit here.

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