Okay first of all I don’t know what the hell does SNSD stand for. And I don’t feel like googling it or even ask Adam either. HAHA.  At first I got confused between SNSD and Girls’ Generation. Then only I know the two are the same thing. Did I just say ‘thing’ ? Okay the SNSD and Girls’ Generation are the same Korean groupie.

Let’s see my knowledge on the SNSD. First, they have two names and second they are all plastics.  Yeah about that plastic, funny how Adam said he was ‘heartbroken’ when he found out the girls had plastic surgeries. Seriously ? HAHA! I never heard any of their songs either. Maybe cause I don’t really pay attention on the Koreans unlike my youngest sister who is almost a Korean now. pfft.

This Korean girls got my attention when there was at one time when they were the talk between the guys. It was all over Facebook where people started to ‘Become a Fan’ and ‘Like’ the Girls’ Generation and I had no idea who they were . Oh and one of my guy friends even said they were good. I wonder what that ‘good’ referred to ? I doubt it’s their singing.

Now I know, Adam is into Koreans. Even Rain ?  :P


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