Up and Above

My favourite part of the nature is the sky, second is the sea. I think the sky is the most beautiful part of the Earth.  I could feel the most of serenity by looking up the sky. The blue sky, the white puffy clouds. It’s a beautiful feeling.

I have always liked flying. I love airplanes. I am amazed by everything about it. About how it could fly so high, about how it is fast but we can’t feel how fast it is when it’s in the air.

I didn’t get to fly so much when I was younger. I was more on the water than in the air. By that I mean, my family loves Islands, the beach, the ocean, so we always had our holidays there. We had speed boats and ferries a lot more than airplanes.

But now, it’s the other way round. I got to fly a lot. Like last month, I fly almost every week. Well it’s not like I’m travelling overseas, I wish. It’s just that I go back home by flight now, no more buses. JB – KL -JB. I just made KL and JB so near. Sometimes I feel like I’m too spoiled. hehe Well I choose to see it as an advantage and that I should be thankful for that :)

Oh and the photos I snapped when I was up and above. Look at the different pattern of the clouds.  Above were little baby clouds and below here the clouds were like huge white comfy blanket.

I don’t want to start about AirAsia though. I just think that they need better looking flight attendants and better speaking pilots. Only two things I like about it is that the colour is red and the fact that it took me up in the air.

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