House is Less Than Home

Browsed through Mom’s Facebook yesterday and saw this. I didn’t notice she posted this. It’s kinda sad to see this. Well yeah, my house is less merrier now that everybody is growing up.

I was the first to leave the house when I started college two years ago. Then my brother finished school, stayed home for a couple of months and now he is, as he said, and I quote ” serving the nation” -_-. Yeah he is doing the National Service in Mantin Negeri Sembilan now until June and most probably will be going to further his studies as soon as he left the camp.

The house is now left with only 4 people out of 6. My parents and my two sisters. Mom said that my sister Nadhrah only had 1.5 year for school. I knew what she meant. She was saying that soon Nadhrah will leave too and the house is down to 3 people for another 2 years where in the end there will be only my Mom and Dad left at home.

How’s that going to feel and be when Mom and Dad only have each other at home ? Thinking about it is already awful let alone be in the situation. The house is just a house. The house is only called home when all of us are together in one roof. How suck it may be, we have to face it that life is like that, life is about living it to the most. But sometimes it’s hard to face the reality when reality has many faces.


2 thoughts on “House is Less Than Home

  1. pink lavender May 2, 2010 / 8:16 PM

    one day i heard a conversation between my mom and dad:

    *i’m the youngest child in my family

    mom: acik da pegi asrama,nanti adk (me) pulak..
    dad:nanti tinggal dua org je
    mom: lama-lama..tnggl sorang je..

    i was touched,really touched..
    but that’s the reality of life,isn’t it?
    i love this post.. ;)

  2. Aysha May 2, 2010 / 8:20 PM

    it’s sad kan. but we can’t do anything about it. yeah that’s teh reality. thanks anyway :)

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