Nadzrul Adam

April ended good for me. It ended with something. Something awesome ;)
I found someone who I had lost touch for 15 years. Well I didn’t actually found him. My mom did and so I went and search for him on Facebook with a guide from Mom. My parents are friends with his’s.  Mom said look for Nadzrul Adam and I went , ” I didn’t know Adam’s name is Nadzrul Adam. HAHA.” So there he is after 15 years !

This was in 1994

He could be considered my first ever boyfriend and best friend . Yeah he was my boyfriend when I was 4 and 5 years old. :) It’s not that we were in love or anything like that,  we were kids but you got what I mean when I say he was my first boyfriend. hehe I can’t recall if I took him as my boyfriend back then, all I know I know is that he was a very good friend of mine. We lost touch cause my family and I had to move to Seremban from KL. Since then I never heard from him.

This was 1995

So we did catch up last night. His memory is amazing. He could remember few things that happened 15 years ago. I almost had no memory about it at all. How I wish I could remember what he remembers.

Part of our catching up session :

Adam : 3 things that I remember about our zaman kanak kanak

  • we watched ultraman sama sama
  • you lagi taiko
  • and the last day kat sekolah agama before you pindah seremban

Me : haha what? explain number 2 please

Adam : you kasar, suka cubit cubit I

Me : OMG really ? jahatnya I kecik kecik

HAHA yeah I did apologize to him last night for bullying him 15 years ago. The best part of our catching up was when he said that he cried and begged me not to leave. I didn’t remember that so I asked did I cry too ? he said no, I laughed. HAHAH I was a bloody mean kid. Poor Adam. Kesian dia.

He’s all grown up now. Dah besar dah Adam. hehe. Growing up looking more like his Dad it seems. It’s great to be in touch with him again. I’m glad that he’s happy too, I thought he was traumatized that Aysha has returned. HAHA. But I made it clear to him that I don’t cubit cubit anymore. :D

Oh and he blogged about me too. Never expected that. Don’t worry Adam, no hard feelings ;)


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